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Develop a Game Improvement Plan 

cAs golfers our behaviour patterns are remarkably similar, specifically practice patterns largely follow the same path where we gravitate to practice areas of our games that are already performing well. I believe this reflects our comfort zone rather than accepting the challenge of working on areas that we may not relish. In order to improve our scoring we must develop a clear understanding of our weakest skill, an example is I’ve seen players who drive the ball significantly better than their scoring or handicap indicates but the same player may have a putting average of 36 putts per round but seldom practice or even seek professional advice in order to develop a putting improvement plan.I do understand that learning new skills is challenging however I know that sustainable long term successful results demand consistent informed information, regular practice and the mental toughness to remain committed to the new method. An example of this was a client whose handicap had blown out by 8 over a 12 month period and when I researched his game, it became clear that putting and chipping were the worst performing sectors of the game.We created a very achievable practice routine of 3 x 30 minute sessions a week for a 3 month window combined with a monthly lesson. Upon review of his scoring pattern during this time and his own feedback revealed two important facts, his handicap had reduced by 4 but perhaps more importantly the player reported a significant improvement of confidence and a greater understanding of what was required to continue steady improvement in his putting. We then moved onto a similar plan with chipping and bunker shots and again steady improvement resulted and now after 6 months this client reduced his scoring average by 9 shots per round.It is wise to keep a simple playing diary of each competition round you play and break down the key areas of play and note these details, the reason for these records is we tend to embellish our statistics and when this information is reviewed every quarter will provide baseline facts that would assist a game improvement plan.So if you’re looking to improve your game now is the time to sit down with a qualified PGA professional and together develop a real plan for success.

Good golfing until next week.

Matt Allan PGA
Head Professional
Coffs Harbour Golf Club