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WGCNC 2019 Pennant

2019 WGCNC Pennant Draw 

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Wendy Johnstone 
Tracey Kean
Ruth Challinor 
Sheryl Joyce (Captain)
Annelise Voorthuis
Jane Durler
Patricia Lumley 
Viv Gayford



Beck Goldsmith 
Carrie Fagan
Clare Judd
Robyn O’Brien (Captain)
Di Ratcliffe 
Louise Knight
Maureen Cotsell (Reserve)
Helen Rhodes (Reserve)


MNC Pennant

2019 MNC Pennant Draw 

MNC 2019 Pennants Team

Jean O’Connor (Captain)
Sheryl Joyce
Mary Aarts
Doreen Mulvey 
Jenny Schofield
Toni Goninan
Patricia Lumley